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Nicole Warner, mezzo-soprano

 Hi, I'm Nicole Warner, a professional, classical mezzo-soprano.

I sing everything from Johann Sebastian Bach's Christmas Oratorio to Handel's Messiah to brand new works from composers in the Twin Cities area.

Here you will find:

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Music is meant to be a part of our everyday lives--it marks the transitions, the special occasions, brings meaning to our gatherings, entertains and comforts us. It's an honor to share these experiences with you!




Nicole's Next Performances

Party Music!

Saturday, September 20, 2014 – 7:30 pm ch Society of Minnesota Sundin Music Hall
1536 Hewitt Avenue
St. Paul, MN "Have a rocking good time with u [ ... ]

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"Creation Prayer" September 21st in Burnsville, MN

September 21st, 2014 9:30 a.m. church service So delighted to join composer friend J. David Moore to sing a piece he composed called "Creation Praye [ ... ]

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Petite Messe Solennelle - G. Rossini
Petite Messe Solennelle - G. Rossini

October 19, 2014 at 3:00 p.m. TBA, soprano Nicole Warner, mezzo-soprano TBA, tenor TBA, baritone Bel Canto Chorus Richard Hynson, conductor &nb [ ... ]

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More Upcoming Performances

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Intuition 2: Grounding. The Woo-Woo & The Practical
The Work of Singing
In esoteric, "woo-woo" practices there are two common concepts:  grounding and shielding. The opposites are "ungrounded" and "unshielded," or "too open." Because not all of us are real woo-woo, but practical, here is a very practical definition for these concepts, we could call grounding the process of being calm and centered in your body and in your life. And shielding we could call the process of being self-protective and assertive. These are really two ways of being aware of what's going on in you (grounding) and what's going on around you (shielding). Today we're talking about grounding. (Shielding is the next installment.) Grounding is essential to honing your instincts. If you are calm and centered, you will be able to listen to your gut instincts more clearly. So here's to getting clear and grounded. Grounding & Being (U...
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#WhyIStayed and #WhyILeft
I'm only partially departing from the September theme of Intuition today because the two hashtags #WhyIStayed and #WhyILeft have gone viral. In the wake of the NFL player who punched his wife unconscious in an elevator, abused women and men have come out full-force to help others understand why it is so hard for us to leave, what keeps us there, and how public perception needs to change. I've added a new section to my Personal page, explaining #WhyIStayed and also #WhyILeft. Click here to go there and read it. What kept me safe for such a long time in an abusive relationship was my intuition. I knew how to deal with him, how to survive each fight, I knew exactly what kind of evening it was going to be when he walked in the door from work. Any survivor of an abusive relationship will tell you what a certain lift of an eyebrow can mean, w...
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Intuition 1: Your Instincts
The Work of Singing
Some people claim they are not intuitive. I disagree. If you have ever had a gut feeling, you have intuition. And since pretty much everyone has had a gut feeling, pretty much everyone is intuitive. Musicians are particularly intuitive. Think of how we communicate with our bodies and our facial expression in rehearsal and performing. It's not so convenient to talk while you're rehearsing, however you can move your body slightly or change the way your breath is moving to create a dramatic tone which your musical partner responds to with elan. Some of it is seen, some of it is heard, and some of it is pure sense. Think of chamber musicians sensing their group members' guidance through the slightest raise of an eyebrow. Or purely through feeling. Hold on it's gonna get a little woo-woo up in here. Feeling is the focus today. Musicians f...
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September Theme: Intuition in Music
Greetings! Open Intervals is now returning to its usual schedule of Thursday postings (with an extra post occasionally). We're also gong with a special theme this month, so in September you'll find new insights into intuition in music. Musicians are frequently very sensitive people--how else can we possibly create such beautiful, human, emotional performances?! And how is it that musicians understand body language so much more than others? That's all part of our intuition--our sensitivity as musicians. Every person, musician or not, has special qualities no one else has--and these are frequently expressed through our gut feelings, our unique creative voices. Gut instinct = intuition. A gut feeling is a gift meant to be unpacked. To help you unpack that gift, you'll learn about using your intuition, your gut instinct, your unique sens...
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Perspective Day 20: Proof of a New Perspective
The Work of Singing
The last day of this new perspective. August has been an interesting month of new discoveries and a new task--blogging every day for a month. This started as a trial, actually, as I'd never blogged daily, yet I had the desire to try it once. Since the beginning of the month coincided with a huge creative surge, that worked out well. Every action I've posted this month has been something I've done in the last couple of years or have also done this month and each action has yielded a new perspective, a new insight, a new way of being and working. In the process of writing these blog posts, there have been a couple more interesting discoveries. I'll leave these here for you and if you have some insights, please do comment below, it would be an honor to read them. 1. Getting rid of things for which you have no more use is an awesome f...
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