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Nicole Warner, mezzo-soprano

 Hi, I'm Nicole Warner, a professional, classical mezzo-soprano.

I sing everything from Johann Sebastian Bach's Christmas Oratorio to Handel's Messiah to brand new works from composers in the Twin Cities area.

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Music is meant to be a part of our everyday lives--it marks the transitions, the special occasions, brings meaning to our gatherings, entertains and comforts us. It's an honor to share these experiences with you!




Nicole's Next Performances

First Readings Project #8
First Readings Project #8

Thursday, September 4, 2014. 6:30-9:30 p.m. Unity Church-Unitarian 733 Portland Ave St. Paul, MN 55104   The First Readings Project is a pro [ ... ]

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Party Music!

Friday, September 20, 2014 – 7:30 pm ch Society of Minnesota Sundin Music Hall
1536 Hewitt Avenue
St. Paul, MN "Have a rocking good time with us  [ ... ]

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"Creation Prayer" September 21st in Burnsville, MN

September 21st, 2014 9:30 a.m. church service So delighted to join composer friend J. David Moore to sing a piece he composed called "Creation Praye [ ... ]

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Perspective Day 18: Looking Back: You Said No? Or Did You Negotiate?
The Work of Singing
One of the most important parts of freelancing is setting rates (to profitable), setting time limits & deadlines (to appropriate), and knowing when to just say no. Saying no can be really difficult--and many of us creatives operate from a place of fear--what if I say no now, and they don't call me again later? or what if I don't get another gig that week and I can't meet my budget? It's not a great place to work from and it keeps us all nervous and ungrounded. Saying no--or "maybe later," however is really important. We need to learn to say no so that we can say yes when we want to and need to. Think about the projects you've been offered in the last 2 seasons and why you did or didn't accept them. Pull the projects apart: If you said no, what was the reason? If you said yes (but wanted to say no), what was the reason? Did th...
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IChoosetoEndDV NDVH
Perspective Special Day 17: My 6th Freedom-versary
6 years ago today I boarded a flight out of Germany and left an entire life behind. For 5 years I struggled and barely survived in a "marriage" that had been based in lies, deceit, crazy-making, insults, and sabotage--and I was on the receiving end of it. I thought I was doing the right thing by trying to make it all better. I did everything I could while he kept moving the goal, changing the situation, kept me walking on eggshells. For several years I'd lived on adrenalin alone, underweight and so stressed my hair was falling out. I lived off caffeine to get me going but had started taking herbal supplements to calm down. I was running like crazy, keeping everything together. Sleep deprivation became one of his favorite tactics, letting the door slam when he came home late, pulling the dishwasher racks out as loudly as possible when he...
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Perspective Day 16: Looking Forward - Feed Your Art
The Work of Singing
Welcome back from a beautiful weekend! This begins the last week of August's Perspective series. Perspective is really a practice of changing perspectives and finding new balance in different situations & different times of our lives, and one important part of it is feeding our own art. How long has it been since you fed your art? Spent an entire afternoon in a museum? Saw a random play you wouldn't normally watch? Tried auditioning for straight theatre instead of opera? Tried drawing (if you normally don't)? Tried writing (if you usually don't)? Art feeds art and it's important to consume and create different forms of art to inform your art. Classical singers are frequently encouraged to check out classic paintings and we sing a lot of poetry in art song. So what about writing poetry? What about painting a canvas as a reaction...
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Perspective Day 15: Looking Back. Tear it up!
The Work of Singing
With constantly changing schedules and frequent travel, we creatives don't always have a regular time to sort through things and clean things out. Today's the day, however. Today's action is to destroy one pile of papers. Destroy the old... So go throw something away. Put that old dress in a bag to donate. Clean out a drawer. Shred that pile of papers that's next to the shredder. Clean out that binder. ...and make space for the new. When you clean out the old, you clear the mental space that it's taking up. It's sometimes conscious, sometimes unconscious. But clearing literal space clears mental space, which allows for clearer thoughts and new ideas. You won't know what's waiting for you until you make room for it. Take it another step if you want and clear out two piles of papers, donate 2 bags full of items, clean out 2 binders. ...
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Perspective Day 14: Looking Forward - Learn From a Colleague
The Work of Singing
It's time to do something new!  Today's inspiration is to learn from a colleague. Or two. Exit Stage Left Here's my top recommendation for today, soprano Tamara Wilson chatting with mezzo-soprano Jamie Barton (two very fine people, colleagues, and musicians): This is part of a growing series called "Tammy Talks" from Tammy's YouTube channel "Exit Stage Left." Be sure to subscribe. And then subscribe to Tammy's singing channel here.   Bulletproof Musician Goodness only knows why I've only heard of this in the last couple of months, but it's confidence-buildingly, awareness-stretchingly awesome. Read it here.   Emily Hindrichs, soprano Just listen, this is vocal goodness. First it's the countertenor, then Emily starts at 1:12. When you're done listening, check out her website here and read...
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