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Fill Up With Music - 5 Ways

If you're busy creating music, re-creating someone else's music, editing someone else's music, or recording someone else's music, you're creating a lot of musical output and it's vital that you have some musical input. Here are 5 easy ways to fill up on music:

1. Pandora - Create a channel, listen to someone else's channel, and listen to your favorite music for FREE. Get more than 40 hours a month by paying their low, yearly fee. You can mix as many artists as you like; my main channel includes Radiohead, Don McLean, Alison Krause and Johnny Cash. I think we call that eclectic. ;)

2. CDs - Yeah, remember those? Go find a CD you haven't listened to for at least 2 years and dust it off...rip it to your computer first if you want. Just sit down, do nothing else, and listen.

3. Buy something new - Consciously visit Amazon or iTunes and go to a category you haven't visited in a while. Go find something that's only rated 3 or 4 stars and just listen. Buy it if you like it.

4. Change the Station - If you usually listen to a 'hits' radio station, go off the beaten track. Scan until you get a station you don't usually listen to but is playing something you like. Leave it. Just listen.

5. Create a Routine for your favorite music - there are two CDs or tracks I listen to just about every night as I'm going to bed. One is Grace by Snatam Kaur ; the other is "The End of Suffering" and "Horizon of Gold" from Namasté a collection of various artists. This is such a standard part of my routine now I automatically relax when I hear the music.

Music is a great part of our lives and it can play an even greater role. Take 15 minutes and listen to something new & different; you never know what you might discover!


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