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Give the New Hymn "New Creation, Arise" a Listen


Recording from home is sometimes a challenge.

My particular challenge is the volume coming from and the length of time it takes my fridge to run.

Seriously, my fridge is running. And when it runs it prevents me from recording, so I have to get creative.

It really doesn't matter how long it takes me to record a piece like this, I do a couple of takes and sometimes I have to stop.

Stop in the middle to cry.

Stop between takes to pull myself together.

Because there is no good reason why we sh…

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The Elm Ensemble Has a YouTube Channel!


The Elm Ensemble has posted videos from our April 2019 Evensong project, which was called "Hope for the Journey."

On that program we sang several moving pieces and now the recordings are up on YouTube.

It's truly a pleasure to sing with the Elm Ensemble as we gather together in Dexter, MI for a weekend and there are a wide variety of singers, from local church choir singers to professionals from out-of-state.

I cannot tell a lie, the post-service reception is one of my favorite parts. Having …

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Your Gig has been Canceled. Crisis or Opportunity?

This post has been updated. Twice.

The amount of gigs canceled right now is no joke. Neither is the income lost for artists who are already overworked and underpaid.

Right now we're fluctuating between not knowing a whole lot and really not knowing anything at all. The uncertainty can be overwhelming.

Yesterday a friend canceled a long-planned trip to Europe. A friend in Venice (Italy is on lock-down) has had to cancel a performance; her performance group is posting "Music for Quarantine" to …

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When You Have a New Voice Teacher...

...and you're so excited for your first lesson, you leave an hour early.

Yep, I did that this morning. I got into the car, looked at the time, and thought, "Oh no! I'm an hour early!"

I was warmed up, had all my music, had a bottle of water and a snack and was rearing to go! I was simply ready to go an hour earlier than I needed to. So I ran my quick errands, did some more work, and then left again.

But not before I had a good laugh at myself.


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A New Year and New Repertoire for Nicole

Greetings, dear readers!

The first half of this year holds a few really interesting pieces, including one piece that's new to me, however the text is not.

I'm joining the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra in Sioux Falls for the Arvo Pärt Stabat Mater in April, and while I've sung the text of the Stabat Mater countless times, it is the first time that I've sung a Pärt piece solo.

So far I think it will be a new and different experience from any other Stabat Mater I've sung.


On the same progr…

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Check Out my 2019-2020 Singing Season

Hello, dear readers!

This coming musical season I'll be back at two of my favorite singing destinations, the Elm Ensemble in Dexter, Michigan and the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra.

I have three gigs planned and you can read about them here according to date.


October 2019:

In October I'll be joining the Elm Ensemble for another Evensong, which is always such a lovely experience. We'll be singing a bit of German as well as other English-language pieces.

The Elm Ensemble is comprised of s…

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Elm Ensemble - Evensong April 2019

I love singing with the Elm Ensemble.

One of the best parts of singing with the Elm Ensemble is raising money for good causes, which is a part of the Evensongs I've participated in. As part of the April 2019 Evensong a freewill collection was taken for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) chapter in Washtenaw County, where the Elm Ensemble is based.

The collection was quite awesome that day.


The NAMI Washtenaw County has received $417 from the freewill offering that day! That's outst…

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Evensong: Sacred Harp 2018

Last Fall I joined up with the Elm Ensemble in Dexter, Michigan for a fantastic weekend of music-making. (There may have been excellent food & drink involved, but that's just between you and me. Bacon-fried Brussels sprouts, that's all I'm saying.)

The Elm Ensemble has published the recordings we made as a playlist on YouTube, which is fabulous and fantastic!

I'd like to draw your attention to this recording of Mary to Her Savior's Tomb, Sacred Harp 451, which was at the time the first recording…

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Check out the photos of Evensong in Dexter, MI last weekend

Our Easter Evensong in Dexter, Michigan (just west of Ann Arbor) was a delight! It was a weekend of singing, community and connecting people with music. This Evensong service also functioned as a fundraiser for a club at this church, it's called the Open Hearts Club; this club it will provide a safe, fun, and inclusive drop-in space for area youth.

I think we can all get behind that. ♥

Here's a photo showing all the wonderful people who were singing, including several folks I'd sung with previou…

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Michigan-dwellers! Come to Dexter next weekend for Evensong

Next weekend I'll be in Dexter, Michigan to sing with the Elm Ensemble. We'll be singing in an Evensong service on Sunday, April 29th at 4:30 p.m. It will be a small choir of wonderful singers and we'll be singing Early Americana pieces from the Southern Harmony. This is also known as shape-note singing and, believe it or not, I'd never heard of it until I moved back to the US in 2008.


Click here to see the calendar event.


Should I have named this "lower peninsula dwellers" instead? ;)

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