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I'm Nicole Warner and I'm a classically trained mezzo-soprano. I'm an active soloist and small ensemble singer and I've sung everything from Bach's b minor Mass to Mozart's Requiem and from house concerts to funerals.

As a German speaker, you might have guessed I love to sing in German.

Yes, I also coach German diction for soloists and choirs. Click on "Contact me" to find send me details on your project.

Let's get to some fun facts.


By the number--fun facts about my singing career

times I've sung Mozart's Requiem
continents I've sung solo on
US States I've sung solo in
years I've been singing professionally

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This website is the hub of information for my singing and where you'll find all the information. Check out the tiles below, visit the other pages on this site, and be sure to listen in the media room.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

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Read blog posts about my singing adventures, what it means to be a creative professional, and a few fun stories that have happened along the way.

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In the Media Room you can watch videos, listen to recordings, and find recordings to purchase on CDBaby.com and other sites. I recommend starting with the Bach.

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  • Nicole Warner

    “Baritone Sundberg and mezzo-soprano Warner brought focused, warm sounds and musical depth to their interpretations of the vocal solos.”

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

  • Nicole Warner

    “Your voice is like molten honey!”

    Assistant Conductor of the Chippewa Valley Symphony

  • Nicole Warner

    “Es ist Vollbracht was so moving, I had tears in my eyes, your rendering of the words and text and emotion was so honest and heart wrenching.
    ...it was a wonderful spiritual experience to hear your perform those two arias.”

    Music Director at St. Mark's Lutheran Church, North St. Paul, MN

  • Nicole Warner

    “When you sing, every note is a prayer.”

    Basilica de Guadalupe in Mercedes (Argentina)

  • Nicole Warner

    “Yang blended voices with Nicole Warner, as her companion, Ursule, in a delicate nocturne, „Nuit plaisible et sereine,“ kin to the exquisite „Nuit d’ivresse“ in „Les Troyens.“”


  • Nicole Warner

    “Jung-A Lee, Nicole Warner and Jennifer O’Laughlin pertly headed the distaff contingent.”

    The Westsider

Recent Posts from my Blog "Open Intervals"

Here are the three most recent blog posts and you can read all of them by clicking "blog" at the top of this page.

Bach's family were underpaid musicians, too.

Recently I started reading John Eliot Gardiner's Bach: Music in the Castle of Heaven. I've had it for years and am happy to have finally taken it off the shelf.

There is a long section on Bach's family of musicians, and by that I mean the men who were actually written about, the ones who got to go out and work, and were then considered professionals.

And they were terribly, horribly underpaid.

A couple of days ago I caught up with a singing friend who also bemoans how low his singing pay has …

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Possibilities (Podcast)

Earlier this year I took the Akimbo Podcast Workshop (definitely recommend if you have never podcasted and don't know where to start) and started a podcast for my German business.

One of the best parts of taking a workshop like that one is connecting with other people who are learning to podcast or have started podcasting and they come back to support the first-time learners.

Then sometimes you get asked to be on another podcast!

Craig Constantine asked, so we recorded this podcast yesterday,…

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Let's Call it What it is: STE_M

We have a lot of STE_M culture - science, technology, engineering and math.

STE_M culture allows us to be right or wrong. To hypothesize, test, and review.

It's possible to seemingly perfect these things.

It's possible to compete because these things are perfectly measurable.

Measure something that's 5 inches in diameter, use mathematical formulas, build a robot, determine how to make dirty water clean again.

It's HOT right now. STE_M has been hot for years. Go on LinkedIn, any organization…

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