Let's Wake This Up.

Last week I took one of my lovely colleagues out for lunch, as I've decided to start singing again. We hashed through loads of things, like agents, current pay (very important), information on new ensembles, and even a Jungian psychoanalyst and her view of der Erlkönig.

We also talked shortly about gowns. I'm not gonna lie, it's one of my favorite parts of singing--dressing up in a gorgeous gown, picking it out because it has exactly the color I like, and because sometimes a hot pink dress makes a splash.

It's been a long pause. Some of it was hard, like losing a gig I really needed and was truly excited to sing with colleagues I enjoy tremendously. Some of it was easy--I was tired of pushing myself to practice. It needs to be an invitation to explore, not a toxically perfectionistic endeavor. A lot of it was in the span of the middle.

What has stayed, however, is the love of beautiful things like beautiful music. Things which exist purely because they are beautiful. And re-creating a piece of music today, because it will be its own animal today.

So stay tuned here, check out the calendar, and I'll send out information as I have it.


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