Yoga for Singers 4: Yoga for Traveling Singers

Practice Yoga from Anywhere in the World

This article used to recommend one online yoga resource and now I've updated it. While I use for yoga and exercise at home and on the road, and it's so far my favorite, down-to-earth exercise video resource, I receive no money for recommending it to you.

As you've discovered in the first 3 posts of the Yoga for Singers series, yoga can help you release tension, zone in on your best performance practices, calm you, 1197090567926619241Gerald G Yoga Poses stylized 2.svg.hiand it can also energize you. Yoga is a practice you can do at any time. And you can also practice yoga from anywhere in the world thanks to the many DVDs and sequences that are available, just like the one Krista made just for you.

Take Your Yoga Practice On The Road

When you're traveling it can be hard to figure out what to take with you for your yoga practice, so here is something you can take with you anywhere, thanks to the internet: With unlimited access to over 1,000 yoga, pilates and wellness videos, you can practice the same yoga sequences at home AND on the road--perfect for your audition trip to New York, your summer program in the Southwest, and your long weekend run-out for 4 concerts of Messiah. isn't just video access, it's a social community as well, so when you're away from your usual Tuesday 5:30 class, you can still feel connected to other yogis and stay true to your practice.

Grokker has meditation, too

Need meditation to fall asleep in that strange hotel room? has that, too. Want to stream some relaxing music as you unwind after rehearsal? Stream it there. Want to read up on the many benefits of hatha yoga? They've written about it. Going vegan and need to boost your immune system in that strenuous rehearsal process? They've got a recipe for that.

Android, iPhone, iPad, Samsung TV, Apple TV--you name it, they stream on it. Looking for a 10-day challenge? They run those regularly. Or even a month-long challenge. is a place to explore, discover, meditate, stretch, and surrender. Check out Grokker--your voice will thank you.

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