One Good Thing: "This Year"

A couple of months ago several other singer friends and I decided to start a group meeting and the entire purpose, beyond staying connected to people in this absolute 3-ring trash fire/dumpster fire/tire fire of a year was to simply share one good thing.

No matter how small, it all counts.

We've talked about conversations we've had, people we've connected with again, the stress of the current situation and all the things we do not know.

Among all of the stressful and horrible things we've endured this year we've all turned to very specific songs to help us cope.

There have been many solo kitchen dance parties.

And this song.

This one, which is now my theme song for 2020.

The song is called "This Year" and it's from The Mountain Goats.

The main theme is:

I am gonna make it through this year if it kills me.

May it also bring you strength and inspiration.

Maybe some toe tapping.

Maybe even a little kitchen dance party.

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