Give the New Hymn "New Creation, Arise" a Listen


Recording from home is sometimes a challenge.

My particular challenge is the volume coming from and the length of time it takes my fridge to run.

Seriously, my fridge is running. And when it runs it prevents me from recording, so I have to get creative.

It really doesn't matter how long it takes me to record a piece like this, I do a couple of takes and sometimes I have to stop.

Stop in the middle to cry.

Stop between takes to pull myself together.

Because there is no good reason why we should need need even more works to commemorate the people who've died from the injustices of this world.

The reasons are: hate, racism, power/control, status, and abuse of power.

There are no good reasons. So we make good for our own reasons. For reasons of comfort, soothing souls, reminding people that there is good in the world, for creating time and space for peaceful ways of being.


New Creation, Arise is a new hymn by Zebulon M. Highben (music) and Sally Messner (text) written for the people of Christ Church Lutheran, Minneapolis, in honor of their cantors, Rev. Robert Buckley Farlee and Rev. Martin A. Seltz, on the 40th anniversary of their ordination.

The new tune is named LAKE STREET NEW. The occasion for the composition—celebrating the ministry of Farlee, Seltz, and Christ Church Lutheran in Minneapolis’s Longfellow Neighborhood—naturally led to a text focused on the murder of George Floyd, the variety of ways this injustice was decried, the suffering of oppressed people everywhere, and the summons Christians now must hear to continue fighting for a more just world.

The video shows you the melody and the text as you listen to the piece.

Let it comfort you, let it move you, let it bring you a moment of peace.

Listen as often as you like.

Watch the video on YouTube


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