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If only for a moment...

This one good thing happened yesterday.

This year at GermanWithNicole.com I started a new community for German learners. It's called "die gute Stube," named for cozy, down-home restaurants in Germany. It's a cozy, comfortable place for people to hang out, practice some German, and build their connections with other German learners.

Twice a month we have a Plauderstündchen, a time to chat. We hang out and chat about whatever for 45 minutes and I provide language assistance.

For one moment yesterday, during the Plauderstündchen, I forgot all about the pandemic.

I forgot all about the horrible, dysfunctional, tire-fire, people-dying-all-the-time year this has been.

All of it was gone.

There I was, chatting with a German learner, and without any other thoughts crowding my mind I asked "Und was machen Sie zu Weihnachten? Haben Sie Pläne?".

Of course he doesn't have any plans for Christmas. For all the known reasons. When I realized what I'd asked, I felt pretty stupid.

But for one moment - if only for a moment - I was released from the burden that is 2020.

It was peaceful, like a morning walk across a snow-covered field.

Like that exquisite moment when a musical piece finishes and there's an energetic moment of silence before the audience claps.

Or the "hoo-hoo" of an owl in the evening, one that somehow shouldn't be in your neighborhood, but there she is.

If only for a moment.


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