We Sing Bach, Even in a Pandemic

We sing Bach because of a pandemic.

We sing Bach in spite of a pandemic.

The Thüringer Bachwochen did a LOT of work in a very short amount of time and released a video of 160 singers singing a Bach chorale with Helmuth Rilling.

Bach singers from around the world took part - it was delightful to see all the different people I've worked with in Germany, Chile, and the U.S. singing along.

The list of countries of the singers who participated is at the end of this video. It's quite a long list!

It was a real treat to be a part of it.

And it's a treat to watch.


Watch the Video on YouTube


Barbara Sanders

This was lovely.  Thank you so much!    Wishing you Joyous and Peaceful Holidays, Nicole!

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Nicole Warner

You're very welcome! The same to you, Barbara, Joyous and Peaceful Holidays.

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