January 6th, 2021

After crying through the news last night and this morning this popped into my head.

Bach BWV 170, Movement 3

In German:

Wie jammern mich doch die verkehrten Herzen

die dir, mein Gott, so sehr zuwider sein:

Ich zittre recht und fühle tausend Schmerzen,

wenn sie sich nur an Rach und Hass erfreun.

My English translation:

How they wail at me, these backward hearts,

who are so contrary to you, my God.

I just shake and feel a thousand pains

when they rejoice in revenge and hate.

Replace "God" with "democracy" if you like.

Replace "democracy" with "decency" if you like.

Die verkehrten Herzen.

Those backwards hearts.

Cantata 170: Vergnügte Ruh, beliebte Seelenlust by J. S. Bach

Movement 3:  Wie jammern mich doch die verkehrten Herzen (Aria)

Recorded live with the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, January 9-10, 2016

Conducted by Delta David Gier. Many, many thanks to the SDSO for the recording and permission for its use! 

Listen to the entire cantata here.


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