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What is Culture?

A lot of people (yell) talk about culture these days.

That yelling, I mean "talking," is part of our culture.

Our culture is loud. Obnoxiously loud.

Our culture is filled with strife and conflict. People are "always angling for something bigger/better/faster/more."

Our culture is exhausting.

Because conversations happen on a very laser-focused matter, out of context, without thought for the big picture. The big whole-of-everything.

The big whole-of-everything is our societal culture, which I'd like to say is how we all treat one another, the assumptions we make about one another, and how we assume things will go from this point forward. Based on conversation X, which we found helpful. Or conversation Y, which made us mad.

That's one definition of culture - how we are with one another.

There's another definition of culture: the arts.

All the arts: music, painting, writing, sculpture, architecture, basket weaving, finger painting, graffiti, jewelry making, etc. etc. etc.

That culture is what feeds us as human beings. That culture is what makes us feel human

That culture gives us the possibility of breathing in and out in a relaxed manner. Breathe in, breathe out.

It's humane culture.

Culture is also good for us. Artistic culture, creative culture, helps us feel our emotions, think new thoughts, shape new ideas.

And that is what helps us shape our culture. The way we are with one another.

We need (artistic) culture to help us shape our (societal) culture.


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