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Who are Culture Workers?

A couple of months ago my Virtual Assistant and I were discussing how under-funded the arts are in both our countries. (She lives in another country.)

I work in music and languages, she works as a Virtual Assistant, which means she does everything from graphic design to email marketing and everything in between.

We don't make cogs.

We don't fix cogs.

We don't run factories which make cogs.

We don't build and maintain the vehicles and roads which deliver cogs to businesses and individuals.

We do things which connect people with people and people with their own humanity.

That is culture.

She and I are both culture workers.

Culture workers are the workers who assist us in recognizing connections or creating them.

Could you imagine school without the Administrative Assistants?

It would be utter chaos.

Could you imagine how boring and weird it would be to send kids to school on a driverless bus?

Everybody deserves a school bus driver like the one we had, Route 4. She was short, she was fierce, and we loved her so much we gave her Christmas presents.

She made us late to school so she could open a present one day. Because she appreciated it that much. She told the school we weren't late, she'd kept us because she wanted us to see her reaction when she opened that present.

Goodness how she cared.

I don't remember her name, but damn do I remember how well she took care of us.

She wasn't 'just' a bus driver, she was our protector.

There are many culture workers, many of whom we don't recognize as such. So let's mull that over.

I'll write a list below of culture worker jobs/careers/vocations/avocations I can name.

Then how about you think of or write (or comment below) more culture worker jobs/careers/vocations/avocations that you can name.

Here are a few to get you started:

  • school choir director
  • school orchestra director
  • school band director
  • school art teacher
  • Kindergarten teacher
  • community choir director
  • pianist/accompanist
  • after-school art program director/teacher
  • voice teacher
  • piano teacher
  • violin teacher
  • percussion teacher
  • trumpet teacher
  • (all the instrumental teachers)
  • painting teacher at any place where you can paint and drink alcohol
  • quiz night/pub trivia person
  • event planner
  • graphic designer
  • host of any event
  • DJ

...how many more could you add to this list?


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