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7 Words of Wisdom for Senior Voice Students

Dear Senior Voice Students,

It's hard every year when you depart. The last concert is so emotional, your last lessons are poignant. I often imagine what you'll think 20 years from now when you think about your voice lessons. Did you learn what you wanted to learn? Did all the music theory sink in deep enough? Do you remember to breathe with your belly?

Here are 7 pieces of what my students would probably call unsolicited advice I give to seniors and any voice student who's going off on a new adventure. I like to call them Words of Wisdom.

1. When you take lessons, you are paying money in exchange for a service, which means that you are the consumer. You are paying the bill, which means your teacher works for you. You might be in a teacher's voice studio, however you are the client, the customer. So if you're happy, keep it up. If you're not happy, start shopping around.

This applies to all areas of life, whether it be lessons, relationships, doctors, etc. Don't ever think you have to keep at something to meet someone else's expectations.

2. Your list of (over-)achievements is long. Life is short. Choose your activities wisely. You will be happy to have time in your calendar when your friend calls, someone in your family falls ill, or for simply having quiet time at home to follow your fancy. You are so worth it.

3. Remember that at the end of the day, there are no schools--they are just buildings; there are no businesses, it's just paper. At the end of the day, all you have are people. So be kind. And spread it far & wide. The world needs more kindness.

1247117411176075605Symbol thumbs up.svg.med4. Stand up for yourself. Say what you like and don't like. I certainly heard it from you, so please, if I can take it, anyone can. ;-)

5. When you graduate and go to your next life phase, you undergo a huge transition. It's not the only one you'll ever go through, so remember who you are and continue to be you. You're awesome.

6. No matter what, always keep music a part of your life. You've been given the gift of exploring 1194986632998301175funny music note 01.svg.himusic and self-expression--something that is banned in some parts of the world. You have an advantage so use it. Don't take it for granted--so whether you continue with lessons, sing in a choir, or become a Public Radio member, simply keep it in your life. Decide over and over again that you want the musical input, the expression, the community that comes with music.

7.  Lastly, I believe from the very bottom of my heart that in all of time there will never be anyone just like you. If you ever need to be reminded of the goodness that you are, the unique ideas you bring to the table, call me. I'll remind you.

It's been an honor to work with you and I wish you all the very best! Keep in touch!



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