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Blog: Open Intervals

Cook Up Your Resonance: Drop the chicken!

Few people have informed my singing the way Julia Child did.




Here in the Midwest, we don't speak with much resonance. Out East, moreso. But where I come from in Wisconsin, we lock our jaws, freeze our lips, sink the sound to the back of our throats, and cut off all signs of resonance. It's a vast tundra of non-resonant speaking and lack of pronunciation.

This is not helpful when you're learning Classical singing.

It's like only having months-old frozen hamburger in your freezer when …

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Presentation of Our Lord Vespers - February 3, 2013

Presentation of Our Lord Vespers

February 3, 2013 at 4:30 pm

Mit Fried und Freud ich fahr dahin, Cantata 125, Johann Sebastian Bach

Wie lieblich sind deine Wohnungen, Heinrich Schuetz

Reception to follow.

Christ Church Lutheran
3244 34th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55406


The Elm Ensemble - Sally Messner, conductor



Jenny French
Melissa Culloton
Naomi Staruch
Kelly Boie
Brittany Kallman
Martha Schwehn
Leslie Nightingale
Megan Engel
Mary Keltgen


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Free to Create - Feast Day of St. Cecilia

In her audio program "Seeing in the Dark: Myths and Stories to Reclaim the Buried, Knowing Woman" Jungian psychoanalyst and cantadora (keeper of the stories) Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes reminds us that as artists, we shall not criticize, not judge, not break down others for their creativity--because so many of us are imprisoned, are unable to create, are not allowed to create. From a prison cell in another country to our own downtrodden neighborhoods, to people imprisoned in themselves.

We have a…

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Featured in WE Magazine for Women

WE Magazine, "Inspiring Women in Business and in Life"

WE Magazine, an online magazine for women, featured me back in April of this year. Their section "Women on the Move" features women under 35 who have their own businesses, are creating a name for themselves, and are role models for other women.

There are loads of free audio programs, resources, and articles for any woman entrepreneur, especially those of you who are spiritually minded.

Read the article about me in "Women on the Move" here, a…

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Applause: Ballet!

Sit back and enjoy! This video speaks for itself.



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A Job for a Singer

Finding a day job that supports you financially with the flexibility you require for a singing career is tough. Add the basic need of quality of life (e.g. eating decent food, being able to stay out of debt, and havi reasonable health care options) and it seems almost impossible. But it's not. And you might even find a job that's fun and leaves you with enough energy in the evening to practice and enjoy your free time.

1. Calculate: Find out how much you will be paid, figure out what it will cos…

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"Sing something for me--RIGHT NOW!"

People really do say this to singers. It's SO ODD! It's like saying "You're an accountant? Do my taxes. NOW!" Or saying to a landscape architect, "Landscape my property. NOW!" Who likes to be put on the spot like that?

Who puts people on the spot like that, anyway?

Here are a few answers I've heard, ranging from downright sassy to politely diplomatic. Because I honestly don't know what the most appropriate response is, but maybe different demands can be answered with different responses.

The Sas…

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Argentina Concert Video Compilation - Bel Canto Chorus Tour


A beautiful video compilation of two concerts from the Bel Canto Chorus South America tour last summer! The sold-out, standing-room-only concert in the Basilica de Guadalupe in Mercedes and the concert in the Facultad de Derecho in Buenos Aires.

Here you can see how utterly packed both venues were and how receptive the audiences were. What a gift it was to be there and to sing for everyone--and what a big, beautiful surprise to find this video.



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Video Report - Bel Canto Concert from Colonia, Uruguay

While on tour with the Bel Canto Chorus last summer, we stopped twice in Colonia, Uruguay, and most of us fell in love with it. Old cars had been made into art on the streets, small artisans showed us their art and their wares, and we were welcomed with open arms. They even danced us through the streets to the restaurant after our concert there!

Ana Belen Tourin was at the concert in the Teatro Bastion del Carmen and recently shared this video posted to YouTube - the report itself is in Spanish,…

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