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Christmas: Vivaldi & Cornelius

Antonio Vivaldi:  GloriaNativity Episcopal Church

Peter Cornelius:  from Weihnachtslieder, Opus 8

More TBA

Sunday, December 20, 2015, at 4 p.m.


Teresa Tierney, soprano

Nicole Warner, mezzo-soprano

Nativity Episcopal Choir

Jim Frazier, piano

Margaret Humphrey, violin

And more members of the Twin Cities music scene!

David Ostenso Moore, conductor


This concert will be approximately 1 hour in duration, but the effects of getting into the true Christmas spirit should last a lot longer. :)


Nativity Episco…

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Why I Love Singing at Funerals

I love singing at funerals.

And I don't care if anyone thinks it's weird.

I love singing at funerals.

It's probably the most human and the most humane thing anyone can do, to sing to those who are grieving.

Funerals are for the living.

In a high school a student two years younger than my class died in a tragic accident; it was a horrible event and shocked our small town.The high school choir sang and I was so mad because I didn't want to go--I knew I'd cry through the whole service and I th…

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The Importance of Routine in the Voice Studio

Having a general, predictable routine in the voice studio is part of what I call the "culture of a voice studio." When students start taking lessons from you, whether it is your private studio or at a school, they need to learn how your studio functions--they want to know what they can predict. Having a general structure to lessons creates a sense of security for you and your students and avoids chaos.

Over this past school year I've implemented a beginning-of-lesson-routine that has helped man…

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Oratory - Sacred Bach ~ Easter Cantatas

Sunday, April 19, 2015 at 3:00 p.m.

Westwood Lutheran Church

9001 Cedar Lake Road S.

St. Louis Park, MN  55426


"On April 19, Oratory pairs two Easter cantatas of fascinating juxtaposition - BWV 12 & 134. Both were written for the days immediately following Easter, yet their sentiments could not be more different. Cantata 134 resounds in the to-be-expected celebration of Easter; regal rhythms, adoring arias, and joyful tonalities exude praise and gratitude for the resurrection. By contrast…

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3 Lessons I Learned from Teaching Voice

In 2004 I started teaching voice.

I must confess, it was the last thing I wanted to do.

Long story short, I thought I was too good for it, that I should be singing, not teaching, and I was soon proven completely and utterly wrong.

I LOVED it. My first student was an attorney who sang in the concert choir in the Musikverein Lippstadt and took voice lessons to enrich her life and so that she might enjoy her singing more.

Other students followed, from teens who wanted to sing the choir music ar…

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Mozart Requiem - in Hudson, WI!

Sunday, March 29, 2015Phipps Oratorio requiem

2 p.m.

The Phipps Center for the Arts

109 Locust Street

Hudson, WI 54016


Teresa Tierney, soprano

Nicole Warner, alto

Roy Heilman, tenor

Aaron Engebreth, baritone

Heather Tank, piano

Ezelda Yacoub Hasapopoulos, piano

The Phipps Oratorio Society

Tom Dahle, director


Tickets:  $20 for adults $10 students & youth. Buy Tickets Here.


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St. John Passion - J. S. Bach 2015


Saturday, March 14, 2015

6:30 p.m. pre-concert talk

7:30 p.m. performance


Nativity of Our Lord Catholic Church

1900 Wellesley Avenue

St. Paul, MN


Sunday, March 15

2:00 p.m. pre-concert talk

3:00 p.m. performance

Central Lutheran Church

259 W Wabasha St.

Winona, MN


William Hite, Evangelist

Carrie Henneman Shaw, soprano

Nicole Warner, alto

Roy Heilman, tenor

Jon Ten Brink, bass

Bach Society Chorus & Orchestra

Paul Boehnke, director


Buy tickets here. Adults $25, Sen…

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Bel Canto 2015 Regional Artists Competition

Bel Canto Regional Artist Competition 2015

The Bel Canto Chorus is now accepting applications for their 2015 Regional Artist Competition. The postmark deadline for applications is Thursday, March 26, 2015.

The 26th Annual Bel Canto Regional Artists Competition is Saturday, May 9, 2015.

From the Bel Canto site:  "The competition was established to support and encourage singers with strong oratorio experience of any age who reside in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, and Ohio.  Adjudicators come from a wide variety …

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How to Deal with Audition Rejection

Every audition is a job interview. It's a chance to get one step further in your career, to get another contract, another paycheck, and another business relationship.

It's a chance to practice your skills and to prove to yourself what you can do.

It's also another opportunity for rejection. And it can sting. But it doesn't have to sting as badly as it might--here are 3 rules of thumb to keep in mind to prepare yourself well and, if need be, to take the sting out of the rejection.

If I wanted rejection id go audition

1. You can…

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Break the freaking rules.

The critical voice in your head probably knows a lot of rules.

Yucky rules.

Rules that, when broken, will probably reveal some light.

Break them. Break them good!

Rule #1:  You have to be doing "big stuff" all the time.Romanov poor musician.svg.hi

Rule #1 broken:  No, you don't. You need to be doing the real stuff--engaging with people, doing the best you can do on any given day. That's it.

We don't *always* need to be doing the big concerts, having the "big career," which by the way, doesn't exist in the same form i…

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