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One Good Thing: "This Year"

A couple of months ago several other singer friends and I decided to start a group meeting and the entire purpose, beyond staying connected to people in this absolute 3-ring trash fire/dumpster fire/tire fire of a year was to simply share one good thing.

No matter how small, it all counts.

We've talked about conversations we've had, people we've connected with again, the stress of the current situation and all the things we do not know.

Among all of the stressful and horrible things we've end…

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Free German Diction Class

On April 7th I offered a free German Diction class for singers and voice teachers and it was an absolutely lovely time.

There were singers and teachers from Virginia to Colorado and from one part of Minnesota to another.

Here's what we covered (and all of this in 90 minutes!):

  • how the German vowel:constant ratio differs from English
  • how German children learn to read and how that instructs singers on German diction
  • the Ich-Laut
  • the Ach-Laut
  • pronouncing the German "w" or /v/ sound
  • an ove…

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"Dear Everyone... From Nicole"

A few weeks ago I had an interview on the Quarantine Phone Calls, which you can read about here. This is my Letter to the World.

Dear Everyone,

My heart goes out to you, whether you're here in Milwaukee or as far away as Iran, Japan, or South Africa. I want to send you courage. Courage to ask for the help you need, courage to face every moment as it arises. Courage to remember that every day is a step in the right direction.

I also want to send you honest. Honesty so you can feel every emotio…

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Listen to the Quarantine Phone Calls - I was a guest this a.m.

Yesterday the author and marketing pro Seth Godin opened up an Akimbo Coworking space. It's free coworking for people working at home and it's open through April 18th.

Of course I signed up.

And there I connected with Matthew Thompson, a podcaster from Northern Ireland. In a few hours' time he was able to schedule 15 interviews and today he has already posted 4 of them.

These are regular conversations between two people about life in general and how they're managing our current situation.


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2 Super Cheap Recipes to help Singers Survive

Singers are usually on very stretched budgets, and now's the time to learn some reeeeeeally cheap recipes that are good now and in other, less interesting times. ;-)

This first one is new to me, the second recipe is for a lentil soup. A client of mine sent me this recipe a long time ago and it's good in all seasons, with different spices, etc. I freeze single portions and

1. Navajo Flatbread

(Found on FB via Joyce Larson and Brandon Johnson)

Navajo Flatbread:
Makes 6

2 cups flour
1 - 1 1/4…

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Your Gig has been Canceled. Crisis or Opportunity?

This post has been updated. Twice.

The amount of gigs canceled right now is no joke. Neither is the income lost for artists who are already overworked and underpaid.

Right now we're fluctuating between not knowing a whole lot and really not knowing anything at all. The uncertainty can be overwhelming.

Yesterday a friend canceled a long-planned trip to Europe. A friend in Venice (Italy is on lock-down) has had to cancel a performance; her performance group is posting "Music for Quarantine" to …

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Welcome to the New NicoleWarner.com!

Welcome, welcome!

This is the new NicoleWarner.com and I'm delighted you are here.

Up top you'll find the most frequently visited pages, from my bio to calendar, and over to the blog and media room.

I haven't rebuilt the photo galleries yet, because I'm still deciding how to best present them and where to put them in the menu.

All the blog posts have been moved to this site, however the links are different now, so there might be a few places you can only get to by searching; use the magnifyi…

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When You Have a New Voice Teacher...

...and you're so excited for your first lesson, you leave an hour early.

Yep, I did that this morning. I got into the car, looked at the time, and thought, "Oh no! I'm an hour early!"

I was warmed up, had all my music, had a bottle of water and a snack and was rearing to go! I was simply ready to go an hour earlier than I needed to. So I ran my quick errands, did some more work, and then left again.

But not before I had a good laugh at myself.


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